The Bookworm Box

Recently I was introduced to The Bookworm Box. It is a monthly box that contains 1-2 books from various authors plus book swag. A generous percentage of the cost of each box is donated to charity. I tried to sign up for the March box, but it sold out in a few short minutes. On March 20th the April boxes went on sale. I attentively watched the clock until the purchase link went live. I quickly signed up to receive the featured box and was pleased to see my order was successful. Again, the April boxes sold out within minutes. I chose the featured box because it contains 2 books plus book swag. The indie box (which is a bit cheaper) only contains 1 book. The April boxes ship out around April 15, and I am anxiously awaiting mine. Once I receive it I will share some pictures of the contents of the box as well as a review of the products it contains. Below you can find a link to The Bookworm Box website so you can check it out for yourself.

Happy reading, bookworms!


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