Hello and welcome

I want this first post to be a bit of an explanation of what will be on my blog. As I stated in my ‘about me’ section, I love to read. If I could read all day, every day I would. Unfortunately with two kids and a house to run my reading time is limited. That’s where you, my fellow readers, come in. I am hoping to post at least one book review per month. ¬†I will be accepting¬†book review submissions by email every week and will post two at random per month. I want to hear about what you love to read. I am going to be very loose with the submission rules in the beginning. Any genre. Any published work. If things get out of hand, I will set strict rules. Please play nicely! I love finding new books to read and what better way than through a fellow reader’s recommendation!

I will also be posting about writing and editing at times. I have a page about my editing services on this blog. Any inquiries must be made through email not the comments section.

Email me at jenniferegan.author@yahoo.com

I hope to have fun with this and discover some new books. I’ll leave you with a beautiful picture of my favorite thing… books!


old library trees