Book review – A Pleasure and a Calling by Phil Hogan

A Pleasure and a Calling by Phil Hogan

Rating: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ stars

I was pleasantly surprised by this book. There has been a huge saturation of books with unreliable narrators recently. I have read several of these popular books, but none have struck me the way this one did.

Mr. Heming is not your typical real estate agent. After he sells your house he discreetly copies your house key so that he can visit whenever he wants. Of course these visits are rarely happen when you are home. If he decides to visit while you are home you would never know he was there. That creak on the stairs, that shuffle in the attic, a shadow that seems to follow you as you fold laundry. All are because of Mr. Heming. He started his voyeuristic adventures as a youth both at home and also once he was sent to boarding school. At times he uses his special talent to help right an obvious wrong, but more often than not he just wants to have a snoop into your life.

When Mr. Heming finds himself in the middle of a murder investigation, he does everything in his power to steer the police in the direction he desires. This direction absolutely involves not letting the police see his apartment covered in thousands of house keys. With every police inquiry it seems inevitable that Mr. Heming is getting in deeper trouble. Will his snooping be discovered? Can Mr. Heming out maneuver the police and loosen the noose slowing tightening around his neck? All these questions and more are answered in the final chapters of this exhilarating book. I can’t say more without spoiling some major moments in this novel. This was a fantastic story and well worth the read. It was refreshing to read an unreliable narrator that you actually kind of root for throughout the entire book.

Recommendation:  I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has read The Girl on the Train or someone who enjoys a unique and juicy psychological thriller.

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