Book review – Marrow by Tarryn Fisher

Marrow Cover

Marrow by Tarryn Fisher

Rating: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Tarryn Fisher is easily one of my top favorite authors. Her books are not sugar and spice. You will not get the warm fuzzies when you read her novels. What you will get is a story that will grip you, usually tightly around the throat, and never let go. I fell in love with her writing when I read Mud Vein last year, and I’ve been a huge fan and supporter every since. The only problem I have is that whenever I read Tarryn’s books I have an awful time writing a review. Her writing is multi-faceted. Her characters so real that it’s hard to imagine them not physically existing. I fail time and time again to properly articulate the roller coaster ride you experience when you read a Tarryn Fisher novel. The only way to truly experience the ride is to pick up a copy for yourself and dive right in. Below I will attempt to fill you in on Marrow.

Before anything can be said about Marrow you first have to meet Margo. Margo is a murderess. A vigilante. A punisher of the child beaters, killers, and rapists that society doesn’t know about or can’t find. It’s doubtful that you would ever meet Margo that is unless you’ve been a bad, bad person. Margo keeps to herself mostly. Her best friend, only friend, Judah is in a wheelchair. His confidence is the only thing stronger than his muscular upper body. Margo and Judah live in The Bone. Her house is the one that looks vacant and starting to fall about. To Margo it’s the Eating House. It comes alive with the emotions rarely shown in the house. It mostly feeds off the drama of her prostitute and agoraphobic mom. At 19 years old and after the death of her mother, Margo is more mature and stronger than most predators on this earth. Her compassion for children goes as deep as the marrow in her bones. It’s her conviction to make the predators, the bullies, the killers pay. No one else will. Margo has survived The Bone, The Eating House, and her horrible mother, but can she stop herself from turning into the type of predator she is hunting? Only time will tell. As long as The Bone is in her marrow, she will always know how to find her way home.

Recommendation: highly recommended to anyone who enjoys dark books that mess with your head and leave you with a book hangover. I have never read another author with the voice of Tarryn Fisher. Read her books. Drink them in. Store them in you marrow.

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