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Book review – The Crow Girl by Erik Axl Sund

The Crow Girl is easily the most difficult book I’ve ever reviewed. Part of that is the length. 784 pages! I could also say that this is probably one of the most complicated and complex story plots I’ve ever read. Be that as it may, I really enjoyed reading it. WARNING: content discussed in this book is of a sensitive nature and may upset, confuse, and trigger certain readers. Thank you to A.A. Knopf for sending me an advance copy.


The Crow Girl.jpg

Rating: 4.5/5 stars!

Goodreads description

The newest crime novel sensation: In this shocking and suspenseful psychological thriller, a police detective must confront a hideous evil that forces her to question how much suffering one person can inflict upon another before creating a monster.

In a Stockholm city park, police discover the hideously abused body of a young boy. Detective Superintendent Jeanette Kihlberg heads the investigation, battling an apathetic prosecutor and a bureaucratic police force unwilling to devote resources to solving the murder of a nameless immigrant child. But with the discovery of two more mutilated children’s corpses, it becomes clear that a serial killer is at large. Jeanette turns to therapist Sofia Zetterlund for her expertise in psychopathic perpetrators, and their lives become increasingly intertwined, professionally and personally. As they draw closer to the truth about the killings–working together but, ultimately, each on her own–we come to understand that these murders are only the most obvious evidence of a hellishly insidious evil woven deep into Swedish society. As viscerally dramatic as it is psychologically intense, The Crow Girl is a tale of almost unfathomably heinous deeds, and of the profound damage–and the equally profound need for revenge–left in their wake.




My honest review:

Wow. Where to start with this behemoth of a book. If I was asked to describe this book for it’s psychological aspects it would be like walking down a hallway with 100 doors and 100 keys. Every time you finally found one key to match one door, every door and every key switches again. My mind was left reeling every time I picked up this book. I still don’t think I caught every clue that was written. But, although this book was long and complicated I loved the story. It is unique and unlike anything I’ve ever read before.

With a book this long there are bound to be a lot of characters. Sure there are the main characters throughout the book but the secondary characters, the victims, were some of the ones that really hit me the hardest. The topics of The Crow Girl are not easy to handle. Child abuse, cults, multiple personalities, child trafficking, and PTSD to just name a few. The scenes are graphic and gory. You find yourself feeling emotions that you can’t believe because what you have read is unbelievable.

I know I keep going back to how long this book is, but I can tell you it is completely necessary that it is this long. To shorten it would be taking away it’s main characteristics. The length adds so much complexity. The authors (yes there are two of them) weave such a tight and tangled web that you don’t know which way is up half of the time. Despite it’s page count, I have to say this felt like a very fast read. I was so sucked into the story that I didn’t notice how much time passed as I read. My eyes couldn’t read the words fast enough to satisfy the knowledge my brain was craving.

As the book started to slowly wind down to the end I realized that I couldn’t trust anything that I had previously read. I didn’t know what was real anymore. To say the ending was mind-blowing is a huge understatement. The twists and turns that I’d come to expect throughout this novel only accelerated as the ending came into view. Once pieces of this giant puzzle started finally fitting together I couldn’t believe I had been wrong from the start.

This book is definitely for a more experienced thriller reader. I think fans of horror novels would like it as well. The topics it deals with are hard to get over. Do not let the length of this novel hinder you from reading this book. However, be prepared for a major book hangover when it’s all over.


I’ve included a link below to an interview with both authors that make up Erik Axl Sund below.

LitHub interview with Ilana Masad

Find the authors below ∇

Author website


* Buy the book here *


Book review – Liar Liar by M.J. Arlidge

Wow, it’s been a long time since I wrote a book review. The past 6+ weeks have been absolutely crazy. I can’t even say that I was reading a ton and forgot to post. Unfortunately, I was just busy adulting and basically living life the whole time.  But I digress, I am here to talk about books!

M.J. Arlidge writes one of my favorite crime thriller series featuring D.I. Helen Grace. I started reading this series right before the second book came out, and I’ve been hooked every since. I am especially grateful to Berkley/ New American Library for sending me an advance copy. Being able to read an early copy of one of my auto-buy authors was a huge treat.


Liar Liar.jpg

Rating: 4/5 stars!

Goodreads description:

Detective Helen Grace gets caught in an inferno of death and destruction in the red-hot new thriller from the author of Eeny Meeny, Pop Goes the Weasel, and The Doll’s House

Detective Helen Grace has never seen such destruction. Six fires in twenty-four hours. Two people dead. Several more injured. It’s as if someone wants to burn the city to the ground…

With the whole town on high alert, Helen and her team must sift through the rubble to find the arsonist, someone whose thirst for fire—and control—is reducing entire lives to ashes.

One misstep could mean Helen’s career—and more lives lost. And as the pressure mounts and more buildings burn, Helen’s own dark impulses threaten to consume her…


IMG_9709 (1).jpg


My honest review:

Right off I want to talk about this cover. I’m a sucker for a great cover. That being said I thought the cover for Liar Liar was perfect. The more I read the book the more I realized how fitting it really was. A gorgeous cover that perfectly matches the story plot of the book is a definite thing of beauty.

As the synopsis above states, this book is not about your typical serial killer. Yes people die, and yes it’s pretty gruesome. However, adding the element of a serial arsonist is a very nice twist on the usual serial killer character. Some series start getting predictable as they move forward. The same problems happen the same way each and every book. Some authors even have a formula developed to help them write books faster by simply plunking in details into designated places. This is NOT at all how M.J. Arlidge writes. This is the 4th novel in the series, and the arsonist villain was a perfect change. It kept the series interesting and alive for many books in the future.

Throughout the book a suspect seems nonexistent or there are too many suspects. This added to the complexities of an already complex storyline. I liked the many rabbit holes the case dropped into. At times you felt a hopelessness that things could never be solved. I suspected I knew who the arsonist was halfway through the book, but I was happily wrong. I love getting blindsided by a surprise conclusion. The excitement and anticipation helped the plot move along quickly.

Throughout the book we slowly learn a bit more about D.I. Grace. To say she is a complicated character is a monumental understatement. In The Doll’s House (book 3) we learn a lot more of her past and the skeletons hidden in her closet. Now that a lot of the past has been told we are seeing some of the subtle, softer sides of Helen Grace. She is slightly more relatable and definitely seems more personable. One of my favorite parts of this series is learning more about her character and seeing how she evolves.

I know I’ve touched on it before, but the arsonist angle was seriously a nice change up for book 4. It was a breath of fresh air, and I enjoyed it a lot more than I originally thought I would. There are some scenes in Helen’s personal life that might be a bit much or hard to understand for some readers. I like the subplot a lot and think it adds another level of complexity to each book. But please just be advised. I think most mystery and thriller readers will easily have no problems with that addition.

Interact with M.J. Arlidge at the links below ∇


Author info

Wikipedia Bio


*Buy the book here*

Click here to order a custom Liar Liar mini book



Book review – The Obsession by Nora Roberts

Before I start my review I feel like I need to post some disclaimers about this review. First, Nora Roberts is one of my top 10 favorite authors. Second, Nora Roberts is also one of my auto-buy authors (see first point). Third, when I was given the opportunity to receive an ARC of The Obsession I’m pretty sure I screamed so loudly my husband thought something was wrong (hehe). But seriously, I love Nora Roberts’ books and The Obsession was no exception.

The Obsession.jpg

Rating: 4.5/5 stars!

Goodreads description

Naomi Bowes lost her innocence the night she followed her father into the woods. In freeing the girl trapped in the root cellar, Naomi revealed the horrible extent of her father’s crimes and made him infamous.

Now a successful photographer living under the name Naomi Carson, she has found a place that calls to her, thousands of miles away from everything she’s ever known. Naomi wants to embrace the solitude, but the residents of Sunrise Cove keep forcing her to open up—especially the determined Xander Keaton.

Naomi can feel her defenses failing, and knows that the connection her new life offers is something she’s always secretly craved. But as she’s learned time and again, her past is never more than a nightmare away.


My honest review:

My favorite type of novel that Nora Roberts writes are her thrillers. There is always an element of romance to them, but it is in no way overwhelming nor the main point of the novel. That remains true for The Obsession.

The first few chapters are extremely intense and involve a very sensitive subject matter. Naomi is only a preteen when she uncovers that her father is a serial killer and rapist. Her childhood is spent moving around trying to protect her and her brother from the horrible things their father did. By the time Naomi is an adult she is a successful yet reclusive photographer trying to hide her family’s past.

Naomi stumbles onto the town of Sunrise Cove, WA and immediately falls in love with a run down, secluded manor house. Despite the odds against her she slowly starts to fall in love with Xander, the town mechanic, part bar owner, rock band leader, and all around great guy. Xander slowly breaks down Naomi’s defenses even as something sinister seems to be happening in the tiny town of Sunrise Cove.

One thing I love about Nora Roberts’ novels is that she never makes the male love interest also be the bad guy. I like knowing I can trust at least one person throughout the novel. From the first introduction you know Xander is great for Naomi. He is a grounding force who loves hard and protects harder. When women start turning up tortured, raped, and murdered Xander rallies his friends and family to help keep an eye on Naomi. I loved Xander’s character. He is a macho man without being a chauvinistic pig. He main concern is to keep Naomi safe from the psycho who is terrorizing the town.

I had a feeling I knew who the murderer was fairly early on in the novel. This did nothing to spoil the novel for me. I loved the intensity and suspense throughout the novel. I was constantly on the edge of my seat. The ending was PERFECT! I didn’t want the book to end any other way. This will be my newest highly recommended Nora Roberts book. Now I’m hoping that they turn it into a Lifetime movie 😉

THE SWAY by Ruby Knight – Cover Reveal

Welcome to the cover reveal of “The Sway” by Ruby Knight.  The Sway is a fantasy novel, releasing on 17 May 2016. I was given the incredible opportunity to beta read this book when it was just an idea. I cannot wait to get my hands on the final copy! 

Title: The Sway
Author: Ruby Knight
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: 17 May 2016


Her mission is to get close to him for inside information. 

His mission is to kidnap her for a supernatural militant group. 

Recruited in her teens for a life of espionage, Julia Caldwell, now 19, is theyoungest CIA agent on record. Her mission is simple: get close to Cole Thomas for intel on his father, a known and dangerous weapons dealer. As she grows closer to Cole, something is off. He might not be who she thinks he is. And worse, his mission will put an end to hers.

Always believing the government’s story that her purpose in life was to keep the world safe, Julia doesn’t know who to trust or who to believe. But now, THE SWAY has a different story—a different purpose for her—that goes well beyond all she ever imagined.


Ruby wrote her first book during her senior year of college and hasn’t stopped writing since. She graduated with a degree in History and a minor in Psychology. When she isn’t manically writing stories on her laptop,  coaching a high school dance team and teaching high school history– You can find her playing with her adorable little boy. She is from San Diego but was raised in Northern Utah. Her dad nicknamed her Rube at a young age and it always stuck. She currently lives in Utah under the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains. Ruby loves to read all things New Adult and Young Adult. She is a wannabe yogi and shamelessly indulges in TV shows like Quantico, Scandal, and The Blacklist. You might find her with a Diet Dr Pepper with coconut flavor in it on most days, as this is what she considers to be water.

Connect with Ruby at her Website, Facebook and Twitter.

This event is organized by Pen & Ink Book Tours.


Book review – Keep Me Posted by Lisa Beazley

Keep Me Posted by Lisa Beasley was released a few days ago, and I have to say that this book is one-of-a-kind. I loved every second of reading it. The Goodreads description and my honest review are posted below.

Keep Me Posted book cover.jpg

Rating: 4/5 stars! 

Goodreads description

Two sisters share the surprising highs and cringe-worthy lows of social media fame, when their most private thoughts become incredibly public in this fresh and funny debut novel.

Sisters Cassie and Sid Sunday have not done a bang-up job of keeping in touch. In their defense, it hasn’t been easy: life veered in sharply different directions for the once-close sisters. Today, beautiful and big-hearted Sid lives an expat’s life of leisure in far-off Singapore, while harried, iPhone-clutching Cassie can’t seem to make it work as a wife and a mom to twin toddlers in Manhattan.

It doesn’t help that Sid spurns all social media while Cassie is addicted to Facebook. So when Sid issues a challenge to reconnect the old-fashioned way—through real, handwritten letters—Cassie figures, why not?

The experiment exceeds both of their expectations, and the letters become a kind of mutual confessional that have real and soul-satisfying effects. And they just might have the power to help Cassie save her marriage, and give Sid the strength to get her life back on track.

But first, one of Cassie’s infamous lapses in judgment comes back to bite her, and all of the letters wind up the one place you’d never, ever want to see them: the Internet…


My honest review:

I was immediately drawn to both Cassie and Sid. Two sisters that couldn’t be more different. Sid the beautiful yet carefree sister, a bit of a free spirit, who lives in Singapore with her two children and rarely-home husband. Cassie is the typical New York-type sister. She’s more conscience about her looks, her New York style, and whether she’s keeping up with all the latest big city fads.

Their letting writing experiment starts as a way to repeat and preserve history. The romantic notion of having physical copies of correspondence is a huge attraction so much so that Cassie takes it upon herself to keep hard copies of each letter they send and receive. She scans each letter into her computer then uploads them to a (supposedly) private blog. By the time Cassie realizes that her blog is no longer private the damage has been done.

My absolute favorite part of this book was the actual letters. They were about real-life problems that anyone could experience. The emotions shown cut right to the heart. I found myself invested in the sisters’ lives. I wanted the best for them. I wanted them to make everything work out for the best. Each letter dives deeper into the human psyche of what each woman is dealing with half a world apart from each other.

Since this book deals with real life situations and problems that many people face today at times it can almost be painful to read. My heart hurt multiple times because Cassie or Sid were hurting. Their problems don’t just go away like a magical fairytale. They have to work at it. They have to admit defeat in some cases, and they both have to grow and mature if there is any chance for them to find happiness.

This book reads like nonfiction. I had to remind myself several times that the letters, characters, life situations, and consequences were all fiction. I devoured each chapter and letter. I found myself thinking about Cassie and Sid were doing while I wasn’t reading the book. (I know, I know they are fictional characters). I will only touch briefly on the ending by saying this…. IT. IS. PERFECT. There’s no fairytale poof that makes everything magically ok. The conclusion is real. It shows the faults of all the characters and if or how they can get past them

I highly recommend this book to any reader of any genre. You will love Cassie for her spunk and you’ll love Sid for her loving and grounded spirit. I think I’ll always wish that I could actually meet them in real life. If you haven’t done so already, PICK UP THIS BOOK ASAP!

Find Lisa Beazley at the links below ∇

Author Website



Purchase on Amazon here

A huge thank you to New American Library for sending me a copy of this book!


Book review – The Cracked Spine

Happy book birthday to THE CRACKED SPINE by Paige Shelton! This is the first book in the new Scottish Bookshop Mystery. Available now at all major book retailers.

The Cracked Spine .jpg


Rating: 5/5 stars!

Goodreads description

In need of a good adventure, Delaney Nichols takes the leap and moves to Edinburgh, Scotland to start a job at The Cracked Spine. She doesn’t know much about what she’s gotten herself into, other than that the work sounds exciting, and that her new boss, Edwin MacAlister, has given her the opportunity of a lifetime. Edwin has promised that she’ll be working with “a desk that has seen the likes of kings and queens, paupers and princes,” and Delaney can’t wait to get started.

When she arrives, she meets her new Scottish family; also working at the Cracked Spine are Rosie, perpetually wrapped in scarves, and who always has tiny dog Hector in tow; Hamlet, a nineteen-year-old thespian with a colored past and bright future; and Edwin, who is just as enigmatic and mysterious as Delaney expected. An unexpected bonus is Tom the bartender from across the street, with his piercing eyes, and a rolling brogue — and it doesn’t hurt that he looks awfully good in a kilt.

But before she can settle into her new life, a precious artifact — a previously undiscovered First Folio of Shakespeare’s plays — goes missing, and Edwin’s sister is murdered, seemingly in connection to the missing folio. Delaney decides to do some sleuthing of her own, to find out just what the real story is behind the priceless folio, and how it’s connected to the tragic death, all without getting harmed herself.



My honest review:

The Cracked Spine by Paige Shelton is a fantastic cozy mystery. From the first page I was drawn into the small town, big heart feel of Edinburgh. I’ll admit that I have a huge obsession with novels, but especially mysteries, set in the British Isles. I love the landscape, the accents, the characters, the local slang, and the pubs. Paige Shelton does a fantastic job painting the setting for this novel. I could almost smell the dewey grass and pipe smoke wafting in off the cobblestoned street.

The characters are just as unique and original as the setting. The first character you meet is Elias the cabbie, and you know from this immediate encounter that Delaney is going to fit in just right in Edinburgh. There is a decent amount of characters in the novel, especially as the mystery progresses. I never had any issues keep each character straight. From Rosie and her dog Hector to Hamlet, Edwin, Aggie, and Tom each person felt genuine and at times very real. I could easily imagine giving Hector a good ear scratch or catching Tom about town in his kilt. I found myself laughing along with the many anecdotes that Delaney encounters. I did feel like I barely got to know most of the secondary characters. This mystery mainly involved Edwin, Delaney, and Hamlet so I hope to find out more about the other characters in later novels.

I found this cozy novel to be a bit more suspenseful than is the norm in cozies. The murder was multi-faceted and the true killer was a surprise at the end. Although the suspense was high for most of the novel, it was a book I enjoyed reading late into the night with no fears of nightmares or disturbed sleep. The perfect whodunit!

I loved every second that I was absorbed into The Cracked Spine. This is a perfect cozy-yet-suspenseful mystery. The characters were realistic and genuine, the setting is gorgeous, and the mystery kept me guessing until the very end. I guarantee that this will be one of my top cozy mysteries of 2016!


Find Paige Shelton at the links below ∇

Author website




A huge THANK YOU to Minotaur Books for sending me an early copy of this novel!


Book signing with Harlan Coben

Last night I had the opportunity to go to a book signing (my first EVER!!) for Harlan Coben at my favorite indie book store, Chester County Book Company. Lisa Scottoline was also there as an interviewer. She happens to be a huge fan and friend of Harlan Coben’s, and it definitely showed during the author discussion.


Now I know this was my first book signing but the interactions between the authors was fantastic. I’ve never laughed so hard listening to someone describe the inspirations for their novels. Both authors were HILARIOUS! They joked. They shared stories.  They talked like friends sitting in someone’s backyard. Lisa and Harlan seemed to genuinely enjoy spending time with their readers. Their love for what they do, no matter how hard, was obvious.


When it came to the actual book signing Harlan was so nice. He made small talk with each attendant and even made jokes with me about how I brought my mom along! (THANKS MOM!) I will always remember this not just because it was my first book signing, but also because of the amazing personalities of both Lisa Scottoline and Harlan Coben. I can’t wait for me next book signing! I am definitely going to keep my eyes open for the next Coben/Scottoline signing for sure.

The exact moment that Harlan Coben realized I brought my Mom with me 🙂


I laughed the ENTIRE time I talked with him.
A great author, hilarious speaker, and an all-around fantastic person! 


Chester County Book Company

Book review – Blood on Snow and Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo

I’m doing things a bit differently with this blog post. This is a double book review of the first two books in the Blood on Snow book series by Jo Nesbo. Thank you to A.A. Knopf for my copy of Midnight Sun.

blood on snow.jpg

Rating: 3/5 stars

Goodreads description

This is the story of Olav: an extremely talented “fixer” for one of Oslo’s most powerful crime bosses. But Olav is also an unusually complicated fixer. He has a capacity for love that is as far-reaching as is his gift for murder. He is our straightforward, calm-in-the-face-of-crisis narrator with a storyteller’s hypnotic knack for fantasy. He has an “innate talent for subordination” but running through his veins is a “virus” born of the power over life and death. And while his latest job puts him at the pinnacle of his trade, it may be mutating into his greatest mistake. . . .

My honest review:

This book was a quick, easy read and my first Jo Nesbo book. It could almost be considered a novella really. The storyline was decent although not as detailed as it would have been in a longer novel. I didn’t find myself getting attached to the characters like I usually do with these types of books. I found myself getting irritated with Olav and his simplicity at times. I can honestly say that I am terrified of The Fisherman, and I’m so happy that he is just a character in the book.

Even without the detail I’m used to in crime dramas, this book had great backbone and lifelike characters.  Jo Nesbo has a writing style that is easy to follow. This book was an enjoyable read, and I will definitely read more of his novels in the future.



midnight sun2.jpg

Rating: 4/5 stars

Goodreads description

Jon is on the run. He has betrayed Oslo’s biggest crime lord: The Fisherman.

Fleeing to an isolated corner of Norway, to a mountain town so far north that the sun never sets, Jon hopes to find sanctuary amongst a local religious sect.

Hiding out in a shepherd’s cabin in the wilderness, all that stands between him and his fate are Lea, a bereaved mother and her young son, Knut.

But while Lea provides him with a rifle and Knut brings essential supplies, the midnight sun is slowly driving Jon to insanity.

And then he discovers that The Fisherman’s men are getting closer…

My honest review:

It’s really hard for me to talk about this book without revealing spoilers, but I will do my best. I enjoyed reading this book. I immediately found myself relating to Jon (or Ulf) throughout the book. His actions and reactions are so perfectly human. His mistakes are ones that many in the same position would make. I feel like this book does a much better job of drawing you into the life of each character and how that affects Jon’s existence.

This book also explores a bit more of the Norwegian culture and sub-cultures. With almost 100 pages more than Blood on Snow, Midnight Sun went into more detail about everything from surroundings to environment to personal relationships. I was actually upset when the book ended. I am very excited to see where the series is headed and to see who else will tangle with The Fisherman.

Find the Author at the links below ∇

Author website



January Wrap-Up

January flew by and ended in a snow storm where I live. Even so, I was able to read a total of 5 books this month. I’m fairly certain that two of this month’s books will be in my top 10 favorite books of the year! I’m hoping to read at least 75 books in 2016. I think this month was a solid start. As the year goes on I want to participate in a few different reading challenges. Leave a comment at the bottom with some of your favorite book challenges or your favorite book from January.







To Helvetica and Back by Paige Shelton – 4/5 stars

Goodreads description

This is the first book in a new cozy mystery series set in Star City, Utah. While classified as a cozy, this book has enough suspense and intrigue to keep your attention throughout the story. A solid start for a new series.

My 4 star review!


Mr. Monster by Dan Wells – 4/5 stars

Goodreads description

This is the second book in the John Cleaver series. John finds himself in another sticky situation when a new demon comes to town looking to avenge it’s friend. I liked this book even more than the first one. I can’t wait to continue reading this series and see how John’s character and desire to kill grows over time.


Even the Dead by Benjamin Black – 2.5/5 stars

Goodreads description

When I received a copy of this book I didn’t realize that this was the 7th book in the Quirke series. It took me a while to get my bearings with the characters. Once I got to know them the story moved too slowly. This is heavy crime noir. I found myself getting distracted from the main story. This seems like another decent entry into the book series, but it just wasn’t right for me. Side note : I’m pretty sure that I got secondhand smoke just from reading this book *coughcough* I’m positive there was someone smoking a cigarette on every other page.


The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan – 5/5 stars

Goodreads description

The Sword of Summer is the first book in the new Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard series. I loved every page of this book. I immediately felt a kinship with Magnus from the first chapter. And speaking of chapters, you can be sure to find some hilarious chapter titles throughout this novel. Magnus definitely fills those chapters with a big personality and genuine emotions. The numerous characters he meets add to the complexity of the story. This is an all around fantastic book. I’m anxiously waiting for the next in the series to be released in October 2016. Easily a favorite read for 2016.


A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab – 5/5 stars

Goodreads description

I went way out of my comfort zone with this one. I do not read much Fantasy, but I was immediately sucked into the world and characters in A Darker Shade of Magic. I can honestly say that I have never gotten so attached to characters as fast as I did during this novel. I buddy read this book with two Instagram friends. We were all worried about feeling pressure to read the book too fast, but we all finished it in 48 hours! We have so many theories about what will happen in the next book. I won’t divulge any since they definitely contain spoilers. I am so happy that the next book in the series comes out at the end of February! This is another one that is destined to be a top favorite of 2016.